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Translational Research Group

At the Translational Research Group (TRG), we undertake high quality, academic-led Phase I/II trials of new therapeutic agents and medical devices. The majority of our clinical activity is conducted at the purpose-designed OCDEM Clinical Research Unit (CRU) facility, but we also collaborate with other sites as recruitment needs dictate.

The interventions and devices we evaluate are selected according to their relevance to our main areas of clinical and academic interest: beta-cell function, cardiodiabetes and metabolism. We also take into account their feasibility, and their potential to make a significant impact on patient care or disease prevention.

We consider all diabetes related research proposals. Our main research priorities are in:

We welcome interest from the academic and pharmaceutical community, biotechnology companies, device manufacturers and the general public. If you would like to contact us to suggest potential research collaborations or to register an interest in taking part in one of our research studies please complete our enquiry form.