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Predictors of cardiovascular events in a contemporary population with impaired glucose tolerance: an observational analysis of the Nateglinide and Valsartan in impaired glucose tolerance outcomes research (NAVIGATOR) trial
David Preiss, Laine E Thomas, Jie-Lena Sun, Steven M Haffner, Rury R Holman, Eberhard Standl, Lawrence A Leiter, Theodore Mazzone, Guy E Rutten, Gianni Tognoni, Felipe A Martinez, Fu-Tien Chiang, Robert M Califf, John J McMurray
BMJ Open 2012;2:e001925. Published:30-Nov-2012. Epub:30-Nov-2012. PMID:23204139. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2012-001925

Editorial: Warning signals from clinical trials: all that glitters is not gold (Chinese translation)
Rury R Holman
Chinese Journal of Diabetes Mellitus 2012;4:513-516. Published:17-Oct-2012

Prediabetes and the risk of diabetes – Authors' reply
John JV McMurray, Steven M Haffner, Robert M Califf, Rury R Holman
The Lancet 2012;380:1225-1226. Published:06-Oct-2012. PMID:23040850. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(12)61706-1

Cancer outcomes and all-cause mortality in adults allocated to metformin: systematic review and collaborative meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials
R.J. Stevens, R.Ali, C.R. Bankhead, M.A. Bethel, B.J. Cairns, R.P. Camisasca, F.L. Crowe, A.J. Farmer, S. Harrison, J.A. Hirst, P. Home, S.E. Kahn, J.H. McLellan, R. Perera, A. Plüddemann, A. Ramachandran, N.W. Roberts, P.W. Rose, A. Schweizer, G. Viberti, R. R. Holman
Diabetologia 2012;55:2593-2603. Published:Oct-2012. Epub:10-Aug-2012. PMID:22875195. doi:10.1007/s00125-012-2653-7

Comparative Effectiveness of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers for Hypertension on Clinical End Points: A Cohort Study
John J.V. McMurray, Robert M. Califf, Angelyn M. Bethel, Steven M. Haffner, Rury R. Holman
The Journal of Clinical Hypertension 2012;14:731. Published:Oct-2012. Epub:26-Jul-2012. PMID:23031154. doi:10.1111/j.1751-7176.2012.00687.x

Disseminating results to clinical trial participants: a qualitative review of patient understanding in a post-trial population
Julie Lorraine Darbyshire, Hermione Clare Price
BMJ Open 2012;2:e001252. Published:24-Sep-2012. PMID:23012330. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2012-001252

A gene variant near ATM is significantly associated with metformin treatment response in type 2 diabetes: a replication and meta-analysis of five cohorts
van Leeuwen N, Nijpels G, Becker ML, Deshmukh H, Zhou K, Stricker BH, Uitterlinden AG, Hofman A, van 't Riet E, Palmer CN, Guigas B, Slagboom PE, Durrington P, Calle RA, Neil A, Hitman G, Livingstone SJ, Colhoun H, Holman RR, McCarthy MI, Dekker JM, 't Hart LM, Pearson ER.
Diabetologia 2012;55:1971-7. Published:Jul-2012. Epub:28-Mar-2012. PMID:22453232. doi:10.1007/s00125-012-2537-x

Addition of exenatide to insulin therapy in individuals with type 2 diabetes in UK routine clinical practice
Hermione C Price, Catherine Gorst, Usha Ayyagari, Jonathan Levy and Rury R Holman
Practical Diabetes 2012;29:61-64. Published:Mar-2012. Epub:06-Mar-2012. doi:10.1002/pdi.1660

Letter in response to Wannamethee et al: Women develop diabetes at higher BMIs than men
H. Sourij, R. R. Holman
Diabetologia 2012;55:855-6. Published:Mar-2012. Epub:06-Jan-2012. PMID:22222506. doi:10.1007/s00125-011-2437-5

Understanding the outcomes of multi-centre clinical trials: a qualitative study of health professional experiences and views
Lawton J, Jenkins N, Darbyshire J, Farmer A, Holman R, Hallowell N
Social Science & Medicine 2012;74:574-81. Published:Feb-2012. Epub:23-Dec-2011. PMID:22236642. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2011.11.012

Impact of FDA Guidance for Developing Diabetes Drugs on Trial Design: From Policy to Practice
M. Angelyn Bethel & Harald Sourij
Current Cardiology Reports 2012;14:59-69. Published:Feb-2012. Epub:18-Nov-2011. PMID:22094711. doi:10.1007/s11886-011-0229-7

Design, history and results of the Thiazolidinedione Intervention with vitamin D Evaluation (TIDE) randomised controlled trial
Punthakee Z, Bosch J, Dagenais G, Diaz R, Holman R, Probstfield JL, Ramachandran A, Riddle MC, Rydén LE, Zinman B, Afzal R, Yusuf S, Gerstein HC; TIDE Trial Investigators.
Diabetologia 2012;55:36-45. Published:Jan-2012. Epub:29-Oct-2011. PMID:22038523. doi:10.1007/s00125-011-2357-4