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Dr Irene Kennedy

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Comparison of Nine Platelet Function Tests Used to Determine Responses to Different Aspirin Dosages in People with Type 2 Diabetes
Paul Harrison, M. Angelyn Bethel, Irene Kennedy, Robert Dinsdale, Ruth Coleman, Rury R. Holman
Platelets 2018. Epub:09-Jul-2018. PMID:29985735. doi:10.1080/09537104.2018.1478402


Randomized controlled trial comparing impact on platelet reactivity of twice-daily with once-daily aspirin in people with Type 2 diabetes
M.A. Bethel, P Harrison, H Sourij, Y Sun, L Tucker, I Kennedy , S White, L Hill, A Oulhaj, R Coleman, R.R. Holman
Diabetic Medicine 2016;33:224-230. Published:Feb-2016. Epub:14-Jul-2015. PMID:26043186. doi:10.1111/dme.12828


Evaluation of a Self-Administered Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
M. Angelyn Bethel, Hermione C. Price, Harald Sourij, Sarah White, Ruth L. Coleman, Arne Ring, Irene E. C. Kennedy, Lynne Tucker, and Rury R. Holman
Diabetes Care 2013;36:1483-1488. Published:Jun-2013. Epub:15-Jan-2013. PMID:23321216. doi:10.2337/dc12-0643