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Release of software for new and revised UKPDS Outcomes Model v2

News Image The updated software for the new and fully revised second version of the UKPDS Outcomes ModelĀ© (OM2) was released today.

The UKPDS Outcomes ModelĀ© is a computerised simulation tool designed to estimate Life Expectancy, Quality Adjusted Life Expectancy and the cumulative costs of complications in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)....

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Outcomes Model 1.3 released

News Image Corrected smoking status check and amputation output and added cohort outputs in Standalone version
Smoking status is now calculated once per loop instead of once per patient
Cumulative Event rate output for events has been replaced with Event rate and Long-term history rate
Diabetes related death has been separated into a separate output sheet from other death
A new group column has been added to the Inputs sheet after the ID column. This allows outputs of 2 patient groups to be compared
The Input Checks have been combined into a single sheet
The Excel macros are now digitially signed


Outcomes Model 1.2.1 released

News Image Corrections
Corrected an issue on page 17 of the manual (Example #1) where the example incorrectly stated that the age entered should be 60. The correct value is 59....

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UKPDS Outcomes Model version 1.2 available

News Image Changes in Version 1.2Bug Fixes

a) Incorrect handling of updated smoking status risk factor values has been fixed. In version 1.1 past smokers (value 1) were treated as current smokers (value 2), and current smokers were treated as a doubling of the smoking effect....

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Comment on PROactive study results

Lancet 2006; 367:25-26

RR Holman, R Retnakaran, A Farmer and R Stevens

The PROactive study has provided an exploratory estimate of the relative risk reduction attributable to pioglitazone for a composite endpoint of all-cause mortality, non-fatal myocardial infarction, and stroke. Although this secondary endpoint was not prespecified and is not significant when adjusted for multiple testing, it is of interest because of the possibility that the observed 16% relative risk reduction might not be mediated through established macrovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, lipids, and glycaemia....

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UKPDS Outcomes Model manual available online

News Image The UKPDS Outcomes Model manual is now available online providing a more detaile view of its functionality and likely uses.


UKPDS Outcomes Model 1.1 released

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UKPDS Outcomes Model software 1.0 released

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