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Current Staff

DTU Director

Name Title Email
Rury HolmanDirector rury.holman@dtu.ox.ac.uk


Name Title Email
Angelyn BethelDeputy Director angelyn.bethel@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Jyothis GeorgeSenior Clinical Researcher jyothis.george@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Harald SourijSenior Clinical Researcher harald.sourij@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Michael TheodorakisSenior Clinical Researcher michael.theodorakis@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Matthew WintleClinical Researcher matthew.wintle@dtu.ox.ac.uk


Name Title Email
Anne GilliganNetwork Manager anne.gilligan@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Vanessa GregorySenior Applications Programmer vanessa.gregory@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Liz HarrisInformatics Manager liz.harris@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Ian KennedyHead of Programming ian.kennedy@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Steven RichardsSoftware Validation Manager steven.richards@dtu.ox.ac.uk


Name Title Email
Sarah WhiteResearch Nurse sarah.white@ocdem.ox.ac.uk


Name Title Email
Olorunsola AgbajeSenior Medical Statistician olorunsola.agbaje@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Ruth ColemanResearch Statistician ruth.coleman@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Katie CranfieldPhd Student katie.cranfield@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Anurag KappaiSenior Statistical Programmer anurag.kappai@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Winitha LiyanageSenior Medical Statistician winitha.liyanage@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Selman MirzaStatistician selman.mirza@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Abdelouahid TajarSenior Medical Statistician abdelouahid.tajar@dtu.ox.ac.uk

Trial Management

Name Title Email
Rajbir AthwalTECOS Trial Administrator rajbir.athwal@dtu.ox.ac.uk
ZoƩ DoranHead of Clinical Research zoe.doran@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Andrea FerchEXSCEL Clinical Trial Administrator andrea.ferch@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Natasha GrovesACE Clinical Trial Administrator natasha.groves@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Joanne KeenanHead of Development joanne.keenan@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Irene KennedyTRG Project Manager irene.kennedy@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Sarah LesselsGLINT study co-ordinator sarah.lessels@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Michelle MastersonEXSCEL Project Manager michelle.masterson@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Joanne MiltonTECOS Project Manager joanne.milton@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Franziska SchneiderQuality Assurance Manager franziska.schneider@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Jennifer TangACE Oxford Project Manager jennifer.tang@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Maria TennantCommunications Manager maria.tennant@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Lynne TuckerTRG Business Development Manager lynne.tucker@dtu.ox.ac.uk

Unit Administration

Name Title Email
Taryn AyresPA to Prof R Holman taryn.ayres@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Patricia DouglasPA to Dr Bethel patricia.douglas@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Lyn HowiePersonal Assistant lyn.howie@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Lesley McMahonAdmin Assistant lesley.mcmahon@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Ada TseAdmin & Archiving Assistant ada.tse@dtu.ox.ac.uk

ACE Chinese Project Office

Name Title Email
Jing BiFinance Assistant (China) jing.bi@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Huimei FengACPO Director (China) huimei.feng@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Yang LiuAdmin/HR Officer (China) yang.liu@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Yu SunMedical Advisor yu.sun@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Hua WeiFinancial Manager (China) hua.wei@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Xiaoshuai WeiProject Leader (China) xiaoshuai.wei@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Jun YinIT Support Officer (China) jun.yin@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Xuan ZhangProject Co-ordinator (China) xuan.zhang@dtu.ox.ac.uk
Jing ZhouProject Assistant (China) jing.zhou@dtu.ox.ac.uk