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The Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU) is a fully registered UK Clinical Research Collaboration Clinical Trials Unit, specialising in performing local, national and multinational clinical trials related to the treatment and management of cardiometabolic and related disorders.

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Get involved

Patients and the public can get involved in research in a number of ways, including as a participant in a trial, by determining research priorities, or by contributing to the design or dissemination of research. Read more about getting involved here

Watch our video to hear the experience of previous trial participants and the views of our research staff.

Participants in our trials may be patients, with diabetes or other medical conditions, or healthy volunteers. Please visit our Trials page if you are interested getting involved to see our trials that are recruiting currently.


Insulin – the life-saving discovery that changed the world 100 years ago

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This year marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin, the first peptide hormone to be identified, by Sir Frederick G. Banting and Charles Herbert Best working in John Macleod's laboratory at the University of Toronto....

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Global Launch of the Lancet Commission on Diabetes

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A webinar was held on Friday 13th November 2020 at 14:00 GMT to launch The Lancet Commission on diabetes: using data to transform diabetes care and patient lives.

There were over 700 registrants from more than 49 countries.

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The Lancet Commission on diabetes: using data to transform diabetes care and patient lives

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Ahead of World Diabetes Day (14th November), The Lancet publishes a new report calling for action to close the gap in diabetes prevention and care. Worldwide, 463 million people have diabetes, with 80% from low-income and middle- income countries (LMICs)....

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