Electronic Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Kit (eOGTTK) Study

Chief investigator:Rury Holman

Sponsor:Novartis Pharma AG

Funder:Novartis Pharma AG

Reference number:ISRCTN91288133

The eOGTTK study evaluated the feasibility of using a disposable, self-administered, capillary blood sampling electronic oral glucose tolerance test kit in a community setting. The accuracy and repeatability of the glucose measurements were assessed, as well as whether participants were able to use the kit unaided, and their feelings about self-assessment.


Randomised, crossover, parallel group study in healthy volunteers and people with type 2 diabetes.


The study showed that self-administered eOGTTs using this kit could be conducted successfully by untrained individuals in a community setting. With improved device reliability and appropriate calibration, this novel technology could be used in routine practice to diagnose impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. The published results are available here.


DTU study finds that screening for diabetes could be done at home

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Research published online today led by DTU researchers has found that people may be able to test themselves for diabetes in the comfort of their own home, using a novel electronic screening device.

The study, performed by DTU's NIHR supported Translational Research Group (TRG), is published in the journal Diabetes Care....

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