Amanda Bennett

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Position:Clinical Trials Manager

Telephone:01865 857504


Amanda graduated from UCL and began an academic research career in the genetics of type 2 diabetes. With a move to Prof. Mark McCarthy’s lab at Imperial, she worked as an research assistant and studied part-time for a PhD in the genetic aetiology of early growth and adult metabolic phenotypes. After a move to OCDEM, Amanda completed her PhD and began working as a postdoc researcher. Involved in various consortia and collaborations, Amanda continued to work on GWAS, fine mapping and functional characterisation of genetic variants contributing to metabolic diseases. In 2017 she also became the lab manager for Profs. McCarthy and Gloyn, training and supervising staff and students in the use of various techniques and equipment.

In February 2020 she joined the DTU as a Clinical Trial Manager as part of the Translation Research Group, working on early phase clinical trials.

Amanda is also a member of the OCDEM senior academic faculty, organising an internal seminar series and public engagement events.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys tai chi, walking, socialising, cooking and cinema.