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Diabetes: The quest for basal normoglycaemia
Holman RR, Turner RC
Lancet 1977;1:469-474. Published:26-Feb-1977. PMID:65573. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(77)91954-7

The fundamental importance of the basal plasma glucose in diabetes
Holman RR, Turner RC
Oxford Medical School Gazette 1977;29:18-23. Published:Jan-1977

Comparison of treatment of mild diabetes with a basal insulin supplement or sulphonylurea
Holman R.R., Harris E., Harding P., Turner, R.C.
Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine 1977;52: . Published:Jan-1977

Treatment of type IV hypertriglyceridaemia with insulin
Turner, R.C., Holman, R.R., Harding, P.A.
Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine 1977;53: . Published:Jan-1977