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UK prospective study of therapies of maturity-onset diabetes. I. Effect of diet, sulphonylurea, insulin or biguanide therapy on fasting plasma glucose and body weight over one year
UKPDS Study Group
Diabetologia 1983;24:404-411. Published:Jun-1983. PMID:6350078. doi:10.1007/BF00257337

Prevention of deterioration of renal and sensory nerve function by more intensive management of insulin-dependent diabetics: a two year randomised prospective study
Holman RR, Dornan TL, Mayon-White V, Howard-Williams J, Orde-Peckar C, Jenkins L, Steemson J, Rolfe R, Smith B, Barbour D, Mcpherson K, Poon PYW, Rizza C, Mann JI, Knight AH, Bron AJ, Turner RC
Lancet 1983;1:204-208. Published:29-Jan-1983. PMID:6130244. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(83)92586-2