HOMA2 Calculator

Version 2.2.4

The Mac desktop version has now been updated to 68 bit and will support Mac OS X Catalina. We have also released a Linux version.

Version 2.2.3

The Mac version has been updated to support Microsoft Excel 2016.

The HOMA2 Calculator has been updated to support Mac OS X Lion and later. Also there is now support for 64 bit versions of Excel on Windows.

This version also updates the HOMA API to allow it to be called from a larger range of programming languages and systems.

Updated installers

We've replaced the ageing installer software used to setup the Windows versions of the programs. The new version is a lot more flexible and provides an uninstaller should you wish to remove the software.

Version 2.2.2

Entry of a comma (,) instead of a full stop or period (.) as a decimal point where appropriate for non-English versions of Windows.

Version 2.2.1

Fixes a minor problem running the HOMA2 Calculator on Windows where the allowed ranges for Insulin, Specific Insulin and C-Peptide would be reported with SI units rather than the alternatives. All calculations remain the same. The Macintosh and Excel versions were not affected by this issue.

Version 2.2

The HOMA2 Calculator has been updated to provide HOMA2 IR values automatically, in addition to HOMA2 %S and HOMA2 %B. Fixes a problem running the HOMA2 Calculator on Windows 98.

Version 2.1

01 Jun 2004
The HOMA2 Calculator, produced by Geneviève Hines, Ian Kennedy and Rury Holman, provides a quick and easy method for researchers to obtain estimates of %B and %S using the HOMA2 model. The program runs on Windows and Macintosh platforms. It is available as a stand alone application to estimate %B and %S for an individual, or embedded in an Excel spreadsheet to calculate values for many individuals simultaneously.