DTU's Full UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit Registration has been renewed


We are delighted to announce that the DTU's full registration by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) has been renewed, which enables us to continue to work as a UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit.

The award recognises clinical trials units that have the expertise to centrally coordinate high quality multi-centre clinical trials, and aims to help improve the quality and quantity of available expertise in the UK. Registered Units are reviewed every three years to ensure they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

DTU has been a registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit since the inception of the registration scheme in 2007. To receive this renewed award, DTU provided evidence of our capability to centrally coordinate multi-centre clinical trials to an international panel of experts. The application described our experience of overall responsibility for the design, development, recruitment, data management, publicity and analysis of a portfolio of trials, and our robust systems ensuring our clinical trials are conducted and delivered to the highest quality standards.

The UKCRC International Review Committee commented: "The DTU presented a well constructed and considered application which provided clear evidence of established operational experience in the design and delivery of large scale multicentre clinical trials supported by a strong set of publications. Overall, the committee concluded a strong application had been presented which met the criteria for full registration."

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