DTU Director gives invited talks in Chile and the US


November has seen Professor Rury Holman give several invited talks at global meetings in Chile and the USA.

On 12th November, he gave three talks at the XXXI World Congress of Internal Medicine - two talks about therapies for type 2 diabetes, and one about hyperglycaemia and cardiovascular risk. Over 3,000 people from 62 countries attended the conference, which was opened by the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera.

On 15th November, Prof Holman spoke at the Second Global Diabetes Summit at Ohio State University, USA. His talk described the new statistical model, developed with Marcus Lind and colleagues from the University of Gothenburg, which helps explain the glycaemic legacy effect seen in the UKPDS - where the benefits on myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality became statistically significant during the study's 10-year follow-up analysis. The model shows that patients' historical HbA1c values continue to contribute to vascular risk over many years, with the clinical implication being to “treat early, and continuously”.

To read more about the conferences and view the full programmes, visit http://www2.kenes.com/wcim/Scientific/Pages/program.aspx and http://www.idf.org/2nd-global-diabetes-summit