DTU now part of Oxford's newly-created Radcliffe Department of Medicine


The Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU) has joined the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, a large new multidisciplinary department within the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford.

Led by Professor Hugh Watkins, the RDM aims to advance our understanding of medical conditions at the basic level and apply this knowledge to clinical care. It will also provide exceptional teaching, training and career development in the relevant medical specialities.

The department has internationally renowned programmes in a broad range of sciences related to medicine, ranging from cardiovascular, diabetes and stroke research, to molecular medicine, haematology and pathology, including programmes in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

The RDM amalgamates the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (including DTU), the Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, the majority of research groups in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and some of the academic groups from the Experimental Medicine Division of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

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