DTU takes part in 2014's OCDEM Day


DTU Director Prof Rury Holman gave the plenary talk at this year's OCDEM day, held on Friday 24th January.

Entitled "Putting the UK Prospective Diabetes Study into perspective", Prof Holman showed how, 15 years since its initial publication, this ground-breaking study is still as relevant to the diabetes community as it ever was. With 382 million people worldwide living with diabetes, it is gratifying to know that post-UKPDS we have evidence-based therapies that can reduce morbidity, prolong lives, prevent blindness and prevent renal failure.

A range of people from disciplines from across OCDEM gave talks throughout the day, which ended with the annual debate, where OCDEM voted almost unanimously against the motion "that direct-to-consumer genetic testing will have a positive effect on people's health".

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