UN calls for global action on clinical trial transparency


In a landmark report released on 14th September 2016, the United Nations called on governments worldwide to pass legislation requiring clinical trials to be registered, and their methods and results to be fully reported. The report, authored by a high-level panel appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, explicitly calls for clinical trial study designs, protocols, data sets, and test results to be made publicly available.
Reflecting the AllTrials (www.alltrials.net) campaign, supported by the DTU, for all clinical trials past and present to be registered, and their methods and results to be fully reported section 4.3.5 on Clinical trials explicitly states:
(a) Governments should require that the unidentified data on all completed and discontinued clinical trials be made publicly available in an easily searchable public register established and operated by existing mechanisms such as the WHO Clinical Trials Registry Platform, clinicaltrials.gov or in peer reviewed publications, regardless of whether their results are positive, negative, neutral or inconclusive.
(b) To facilitate open collaboration, reconstruction and reinvestigation of failures, governments should require that study designs and protocols, data sets, test results and anonymity-protected patient data be available to the public in a timely and accessible fashion. Those undertaking clinical trials must not prevent researchers from publishing their findings

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