2019 Hellmut Mehnert Award


Rury Holman, Chair of the Hellmut Mehnert Award Committee since 2014, presented this prestigious award to Lars Rydén, Senior Professor of Cardiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, and to Professor Markolf Hanefeld, Director of the Centre for Clinical Studies, Technical University, Dresden, during the 5th CVOT Summit of the D&CVD EASD Study Group in Munich, Germany. [Left to right: Prof. Eberhard Standl (D&CVD EASD Study Group Vice President), Professor Lars Rydén, Professor Mehnert (now 91), Professor Rury Holman and Professor Markolf Hanefeld]

The Hellmut Mehnert Award was founded in 1998 and named in recognition of Professor Mehnert's lifetime contributions to diabetes care, research and education, and of his service on the WHO Panel of Experts on Diabetes. It is awarded to selected individuals in acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions to the knowledge and understanding of diabetes.

Previous Award Recipients
1998 Harry Keen (UK), † 2013
2000 Carl Erik Mogensen (Denmark); Günther Panzram (Germany), † 2014
2002 Jaakko Tuomilehto (Finland)
2004 Jean Philippe Assal (Switzerland); Paul Zimmet (Australia)
2006 Rury Holman (UK); Gerard Slama (France)
2009 Stephanie Amiel (UK); Chittaranjan Yajnik (India)
2011 Hans Ullrich Haering (Germany); Errol Morrison (Jamaica)
2013 Eberhard Standl (Germany)
2015 Sir George Alberti (UK)
2017 Antonio Ceriello (Spain)

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