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DTU Director discusses EXSCEL

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The Exenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL) is a trial that assessed the long-term cardiovascular safety and efficacy of once-weekly exenatide, administered in patients with type 2 diabetes who had a wide range of cardiovascular risk. In this video, Professor Rury Holman shares his insights into the trial results.

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ACP Journal Club review of EXSCEL

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The ACP Journal Club has identified EXCSEL as an original study that warrants immediate attention by physicians attempting to keep pace with important advances in internal medicine.

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Update on EXSCEL presented at the 2017 IDF Congress

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On Wednesday December 6th, Professor Angelyn Bethel presented new data from the EXenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL). The invited talk, presented within the "Latest Cardiovascular Clinical Trials" symposium, shared a new meta-analysis of the four glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist cardiovascular outcome trials conducted to date....

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DTU Director gives plenary lecture at East Meets West Symposium in Hong Kong

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Professor Rury Holman gave an invited plenary lecture in Hong Kong on Sunday 1st October 2017 at the 19th East Meets West Symposium focussing on Diabetes & Cardiovascular Risk Factors. His lecture, entitled "Updates on recent cardiovascular outcome studies in diabetes - from ACE to EXSCEL", reprised the key findings from the ACE trial and EXSCEL, first presented at the EASD in Lisbon on September 13th and 14th 2017 respectively.

EXSCEL primary results presented at the 53rd EASD annual meeting in Lisbon

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Diabetes is a widespread and increasing problem currently affecting 30.3 million Americans, 4.5 million people living in the United Kingdom, and 422 million people worldwide. In 2015, an estimated 1.6 million deaths worldwide were directly caused by diabetes....

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EXSCEL launches outside the US


The EXenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL) trial was successfully launched outside of the US in May this year, with four Investigator Meetings conducted in May and June in order to initiate sites.

The first of those investigator meetings took place in Sydney, Australia on 4th May and was closely followed by a meeting in Hong Kong on 6th May for sites in Asia-Pacific....

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First patient enrolled


The first patient was enrolled in the study on the 18th June 2010.