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Diabetic Medicine supplement with eleven UKPDS review articles


The August 2008 issue of Diabetic Medicine includes a UKPDS Supplement, edited by Rury Holman and Peter Watkins. This Supplement contains eleven specially commissioned articles that review many of the contributions that have been made by UKPDS in different areas of interest. It puts these into context ahead of the late-breaking presentation of the 30-year follow-up data at the EASD in Rome on the 10th September 2008.

Impact of the UKPDS-an overview.
P. D. Home

Glucose control in the UKPDS: what did we learn?

E. A. M. Gale

The Hypertension in Diabetes Study (HDS): a catalyst for change.

B. Williams

Microvascular disease: what does the UKPDS tell us about diabetic retinopathy?

E. M. Kohner

Microvascular disease: what does the UKPDS tell us about diabetic nephropathy?
R. Bilous

Autoimmune diabetes in adults: lessons from the UKPDS.
M. Desai, A. Clark

Genetics: how the UKPDS contributed to determining the genetic landscape of Type 2 diabetes.

A. L. Gloyn, M. I. McCarthy

UKPDS-modelling of cardiovascular risk assessment and lifetime simulation of outcomes.

A. I. Adler

The economic analyses of the UK prospective diabetes study.

A. M. Gray, P. Clarke

Ethnic diversity in Type 2 diabetes.

T. M. E. Davis

The UKPDS and its global impact.

S. Genuth