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American Diabetes Association (ADA) Conference, Philadelphia, USA (Poster)
Positive Impact of Revised FDA Guidance on Clinical Trial Design in Diabetes
Bethel MA, Sourij H
Diabetes 2012;61:Supp 1:A264
American Diabetes Association (ADA) Conference, Philadelphia, USA (Poster)
Updated UKPDS Risk Engine that Estimates Primary and Secondary Cardiovascular Disease Risk in People With Recently-Diagnosed or Established Type 2 Diabetes
Coleman RL, Stevens RJ, Holman RR
Diabetes 2012;61:Supp 1:A103
15th International & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology, Florence, Italy (Poster)
Time course of the glucose legacy effect
R. Holman
Endocrine Abstracts 2012;29:S9.3
Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, Glasgow, UK (Poster)
A self-administered oral glucose tolerance test
MA Bethel, H Sourij, S White, L Tucker, I Kennedy, R Coleman, A Ring and RR Holman
Diabetic Medicine 2012;2012 Sup 1:47
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