UKPDS Outcomes Model version 1.2 available


Changes in Version 1.2

Bug Fixes

a) Incorrect handling of updated smoking status risk factor values has been fixed. In version 1.1 past smokers (value 1) were treated as current smokers (value 2), and current smokers were treated as a doubling of the smoking effect.

b) Updated risk factor values are now applied correctly at the end of the year stated, rather than at the start as in version 1.1.

New Features
a) There is now an option to use any of 100 random number sequences. This allows different random number sequences to be selected and exactly the same sequence to be used repeatedly, as desired.

b) The 1000 bootstrap parameter sets are always used in the same sequence, with wrap round to the first set if necessary. In version 1.2 the option to choose which bootstrap parameter set is to be used at the start of a model run has been added.

c) Updated estimated annual risk factor levels generated by the model for each subject are now provided on output worksheets for inspection or can to be copied to inout sheets for use in further model runs if desired.

d) A 'pre-flight check' option ensures that all of the input data are present and within acceptable ranges BEFORE the model is run.

e) Worksheet tabs have been coloured for ease of identification (PC version only) as follows:
• Input worksheets------------------- Yellow
• Run worksheet --------------------- Red
• Check worksheets ----------------- Salmon
• Output worksheets----------------- Green
• Risk Factor Output worksheets -- Pink

f) Input worksheets have been amended so that:
• Age is no longer checked against duration of diabetes
• Alphanumeric data can be used in the “ID” column.

g) Windows Users can now choose a desired location for the install and the shared core dll is placed in the system folder.

h) In addition to the Microsoft Excel implementation of the UKPDS Outcomes Model a standalone implementation that runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms has now been provided. This implementation of the UKPDS Outcomes Model can handle an unlimited number of subjects (See section 13 of the manual) and does not require Microsoft Excel.